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Aquaphor Amethyst White - Filtering pitcher
Aquaphor Amethyst – Filter jug with three B25 Maxfor cartridges included



The article discusses the characteristics and selection criteria of the filter element for a home or office filter jug; types, similarities and differences of different cartridges.

In previous articles (Appliances and systems for drinking water purification – a comparative review and A filter jug as an effective device for drinking water purification: the criteria for the right choice, a comparative review), we figured out why drinking water from a tap should be filtered and what characteristics to take into account when choosing filtering jug for drinking water purification. An overview of the most popular Aquaphor jugs was also given there. 

Now we will take a closer look at the filter elements for the pitchers. It should be understood that a jug is just a beautiful container, and the quality of the water depends mainly on the filter cartridge. Why do we recommend the use of high-tech Aquaphor cartridges? To begin, let’s consider the main characteristics of filter cartridges. Cartridges differ from each other by the type of housing and filter element.

Types of filter cartridges.

Oval type cartridge
Oval type cartridge (Maxfor)
Oval type cartridge (Maxfor PLUS)
Oval type cartridge (Maxfor PLUS)


It so happened historically that small cartridges of the “oval” type are popular in Europe. They are used in the different pitchers of Aquaphor, Brita, BWT and many other manufacturers. As a rule, such replaceable elements of different brands are compatible with each other. For example, Aquaphor Maxfor and Brita Maxtra cartridges are interchangeable.
According to the Aquaphor classification, such cartridges are called B25 (B100-25) Maxfor and Maxfor Plus (from 2021). They come as standard for the jugs Aquaphor Onyx, Amethyst, Jasper, Time, Orion, and also suitable for the jugs Brita Maxtra, Dafi, Pearl-Co, Anna, Kenwood, Casa-Linga, Aqua Select, Zelmer, and many others. The advantage of these filter elements is their widespread availability and low price, and the main disadvantage is the rather small resource (about 200 liters) and the need for more frequent replacement (1 time in 1-2 months)


Round filtering cartridge Aquaphor B5

Original Aquaphor cartridges for filter jugs are round and more popular in the USA and Russia, but  also have long been widely represented also in the European market. According to the Aquaphor classification, the most popular cartridges of this type are called A5 and B5 (B100-5). They are suitable for Aquaphor Provance, Smile, Prestige, Atlant, Premium, Orlean, Aquamarine, Art, Garry, Gratis, Country, Ultra, Atlant jugs and other Aquaphor filter jugs with a 7 cm round landing nest. The advantage of cartridges of this form is the large capacity of the filter medium, and accordingly the increased resource – 250-300 liters or 2-3 months of operation. In addition, such cartridges are larger in height and almost reach the bottom of the jug. Is it good that most of such a cartridge is almost always placed in water? Yes, it’s good. Manufacturers recommend keeping the water level (in the bottom part of the jug) sufficient to keep the cartridge in the water. This prevents the drying out and oxidation of the cartridge and also prevents the development of bacteria and mustiness.

The Substance Of The Filter Cartridges.

Usually, activated carbon is used as filter material in filter pitcher ​​cartridges. In cheap replacements of random producers, it may be low-grade charcoal in the form of big granules or, even worse, various surrogates. We chose the Aquaphor brand because this company uses only high-quality activated carbon in its filters, usually made of natural coconut shells. Activated carbon, such as a sponge, absorbs harmful impurities and toxins, makes water transparent, and improves its smell and taste. In addition, Aquaphor cartridges combine natural biological materials with innovative patented technologies. For example, pressed natural coconut charcoal is supplemented with a special AquaLen fiber, which maintains a regular filter structure. Such a structure does not allow water to make channels and pass through the filter without purification. Rust, sand, silt and other large particles do not clog the cartridge, due to the fact that the fine granules of coal and Aqualen fibers create millions of ways for water, like plant roots in the soil.


Left: a conventional carbon filter. Right: Aquaphor filter with Aqualen fibers

As additional ingredients, the following can be added to Aquaphor cartridges: Silver, which naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria; Magnesium which softens water and is good for the heart.

Aquaphor Cartridges – Overview

Aquaphor B25 (B100-25 Maxfor)

Maxfor B25

Universal replacement filter that fits a range Aquaphor water filter jugs and universal oval Maxtra fit water jugs of other brands by EU, UK and USA producers. Effectively removes common impurities from tap water, improves its color, taste, and odor. Aquaphor B25 provides reliable protection against many hidden threats of tap water thanks to the unique patented sorption mix with Aqualen. It demonstrates more thorough purification compared to other water jug filters present on market. Recommended replacement: monthly Type: water jug filter with standard oval fit Filter life: 200 L

Beginning in 2021, Aquaphor started to produce a new modification of standard cartridge B25 under the name Maxfor Plus (Maxfor+). 

The only difference from the previous model is the shape of the lower part of the cartridge. It makes it a bit handier to change. Also, it is compatible with the filtering pitchers Maxtra Plus (Maxtra+).


Maxfor PLUS set 6 pcs
Maxfor PLUS economy pack (set 6 pcs)
Maxfor PLUS set 3 pcs
Maxfor PLUS set 3 pcs


Aquaphor B25Mg (B100-25 Maxfor Mg)

B25 (MG) – is a winning option for owners of water filter jugs using the popular oval fit of replacement cartridges. It reduces the common impurities of tap water, improves the taste and removes odors by providing fresh and clean water for your pleasure. B 25 MG contributes to your healthy lifestyle by naturally enriching drinking water with essential and hard-to-find magnesium. It fits a wide range of Aquaphor filter jugs and other pitchers with the same landing nest.

Recommended replacement: monthly Type: water jug filter with standard oval fit Filter life: 200 L

Aquaphor B5

Replacement “5” is used in Aquaphor pitchers with a round socket for a cartridge (diameter 7 cm). Suitable for jugs Aquaphor Provance, Smile, Prestige, Atlant, Premium, Orlean, Aquamarine, Art, Garry, Gratis, Country, Ultra, Atlant.

Eliminates the unpleasant taste and smell of water. Removes harmful impurities. Prevents the growth of bacteria in the plug-in module With the B5 cartridge (B100-5), you always have fresh, clean water to cook for your loved ones. Used in Aquafor jugs with a round cartridge seat of 7 cm in diameter. Cleans water from chlorine and its compounds, rust, iron, heavy metals and other impurities that are often found in tap water. Cartridge resource B5 (B100-5) is 300 liters: for a family of 3, this is sufficient for 1-2 months. (On average, an adult needs 3 liters of water per day, including tea, coffee, soups and broths.)

Aquaphor A5

It is used in Aquaphor pitchers with a round socket for a cartridge (diameter 7 cm). Can be used in place of cartridges of the B5 family. Suitable for jugs Aquaphor Provance, Smile, Prestige, Atlant, Premium, Orlean, Aquamarine, Art, Garry, Gratis, Country, Ultra, Atlant.

A5 cartridge is designed specifically for complex tap water: rusty, turbid water, with a lot of mechanical impurities. Even in such conditions, the A-5 does not clog ahead of time, and continues to purify your water from chlorine and other dissolved impurities. The design of the A5 pitcher module allows it to self-clean every time you pour a new portion of water into the funnel. As a result, you do not change the module in the jug too often. Given the increased resource, the module will last up to 3 months in a family of 3 people. Cartridge A5 contains a natural mineral – mother-of-pearl dolomite, which preserves natural magnesium. It is easily absorbed and prevents diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Recommended replacement: 1 time in 3 months. Filter service life: 350 l (up to 3 months of use in a family of 3 people).

Aquaphor A5 Mg

It is used in Aquaphor pitchers with a round socket for a cartridge (diameter 7 cm). Can be used in place of cartridges of the B5 family. Suitable for jugs Aquaphor Provance, Smile, Prestige, Atlant, Premium, Orlean, Aquamarine, Art, Garry, Gratis, Country, Ultra, Atlant.

Makes your water safe and good-tasting: removes chlorine and its compounds, rust, heavy metals and other toxins from tap water. It prevents scale formation by removing excess calcium – tea and coffee made of filtered water do not lose their natural taste. It protects your kettle, slow cooker and coffee machine from overheating and breakdowns by 50% more effective than a regular jug ​​cartridge. Saturates water with magnesium and calcium in the right ratio. It enriches water with magnesium up to 30% of the recommended daily intake. The A 5 Mg cartridge also preserves natural magnesium in water, which is beneficial for the work of the heart and blood vessels. According to the WHO, magnesium is the most scarce mineral for the world’s population: it is very difficult to get magnesium with a normal diet in the city, and its deficiency causes diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Recommended replacement: 1 time in 3 months. Filter service life: 350 l (up to 3 months of use in a family of 3 people).

Where To Buy The Replacements of High Quality for the Filter Jug?

Aquaphor, unlike some other manufacturers, does not transfer its production to the “third world” countries. The main factories Aquaphor are in Europe and the USA. The European market mainly receives products from the new production plants in Estonia. These products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with all EU regulations. You can purchase jugs, filter cartridges and related products in the online store Promarket-EU For those who have an Amazon account, it may be convenient to order goods at any of the European branches of this online platform. Relevant links for buyers from the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and other European countries can be found on the portal.

The ways to save money when buying a filter pitcher cartridge.

Cartridges for jugs are not expensive materials, but there are ways to save a few euros extra and without losing quality. For entrepreneurs and professionals, the online store Promarket offers to purchase cartridges in bulk. This is suitable, for example, for home appliance stores, pharmacies and plumbers who are able to offer their customers an additional assortment of goods. For retail customers, sets of several filters (Set, Kit, Economy pack) are offered, in which each individual filter is cheaper than if you buy them alone.

Examples of such sets:

Kit Aquaphor B25 x 3
Kit Aquaphor B25 x 3


Kit Aquaphor B25Mg x 3
Kit Aquaphor B25Mg x 3
Maxfor Plus MG set3
Maxfor Plus MG set3



Kit Aquaphor B5 x 2
Kit Aquaphor B5 x 2


Another way to save some money is to save on shipping. Amazon service (especially Prime) can deliver you goods in 1-3 days. This is excellent. However, if you plan your purchase in advance, standard delivery within the European Union from the ProMarket-EU online store can take an average of 5-6 days, but goods will cost 10-15% cheaper.

Filter Cartridge As A Great Idea For A Useful Gift.

Cartridges are never enough. If someone has a filter, filter elements are required periodically. Therefore, any person will be happy with a couple (or a dozen) replaceable filter elements as a gift for Christmas and New Year, for a birthday or housewarming. Especially if you have already given this person a filtering jug. It will also be a pleasure to receive such a gift for a person who is interested in cooking and preparing drinks. Aquaphor filter cartridges come in quality and colorful packaging.


So, the quality of your water depends on the quality of the filter element. And health depends on water. Therefore, do not buy a replacement cartridge from an unknown manufacturer. Aquaphor cartridges have proven themselves not only for the original filtering pitchers, but also for compatible third-party jugs. By buying a supply of cartridges several months in advance, you can save yourself from unnecessary trouble, but also save up to 15% on the price of one filter element.


If you have a related business (for example, a store for household goods and household appliances, a pharmacy or a business for plumbers), you can offer your customers a new high-quality and profitable product. For wholesale discounts and sales representative deals, please write to ProMarket by e-mail.

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