FAQ. What is the EcoBonus for the purchase of drinking water filtration systems (Bonus acqua potabile) and how it can be used in Italy.

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What is EcoBonus (EcoBonus 2021-2023) for purchasing drinking water filtration systems?
How can you save on buying drinking water filters using Bonus acqua potabile?
Who can use EcoBonus 2021-2023 to buy a drinking water filter?
Why is buying a drinking water filter a good idea, especially now?
Is it difficult to install a drinking water filtration system?
What is the procedure for receiving a bonus for purchasing a drinking water filter?

The article discusses various aspects of saving on the purchase of a drinking water filter through the use of the Bonus provided by the Italian budget for 2021-2023.

In one of the previous articles, we looked at various devices and systems for the purification of drinking water. We have made sure that even “drinking” tap water that meets basic standards must be purified for safety and comfort purposes.

Other articles considered reverse osmosis filters, which have the most perfect degree of purification, and flow-through microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems – simpler, but quite effective.

Now, thanks to new initiatives from the Italian government, these useful and eco-friendly systems can be purchased even cheaper.

What is EcoBonus (EcoBonus 2021-2023) for purchasing drinking water filtration systems?

The Italian Budget Law 2021/2023 provides for a tax deduction for the purchase of drinking water filtration systems (Article 1, paragraphs 1087-1089) to promote the safer use of tap water and reduce the consumption of plastic drinking water containers (bottles).
Similar to other bonuses introduced earlier (such as a bonus for improving a household energy class and a bonus for purchasing electric vehicles), the essence of this initiative is that the amount of income tax payable is reduced by the portion of the purchase price.
Thus, we can say that now you can buy a modern water filtration system with a 50% discount.
The subsidy is intended to purchase and install filtration, mineralization, cooling, and food carbon dioxide supplementation systems to improve the quality of water intended for human consumption.

The 2023 Budget Law extended this concession to 2023, therefore the special bonus will be available until December 31, 2023. However, there is a complex limit of 5 million euros per year, if exceeded, the percentage of the tax credit can be reduced.

How can you save on buying drinking water filters using Bonus acqua potabile?

First of all, the drinking water purification system saves you money on its own. Taking into account the cost of purchasing a water purifier and periodic replacement of filters (about 2 times a year), water filtered by the purifier costs about 300 times less than bottled water. In the case of a family of three or more persons, both the cost of a flow microfiltration system (about 100-180 euros) and the cost of a fairly expensive reverse osmosis device (about 300-400 euros) can pay off in a short time due to savings on the purchase of bottled water.
Now, thanks to the new bonus, half of this cost will be compensated by the state as a deduction from income tax. To do this, it is enough to purchase any drinking water purification system in the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023 and submit an online application for a bonus (see details below).

Crystal System in the kitchen
The Aquaphor Crystal ECO three-stage microfiltration system traps most water contaminants, including bacteria. The price is about 150 euro.

Reverse osmosis filter with pump
Classic RO 50 5-Phase Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment System removes most of the known contaminants. The kit includes a pump for increasing the pressure, a storage tank for clean water and a chrome-plated tap. The price is about 280 euro.

Who can use EcoBonus 2021-2023 to purchase a drinking water filter?

This tax bonus (Bonus Acqua Potabile 2021-2023) for the purchase of drinking water filtration systems can be used by any resident of Italy (natural person) or an organization registered in Italy (including entities engaged in business, art, and professions, as well as non-profit organizations, including third sector organizations and recognized religious entities).

In both cases, the incentive is a tax deduction (credit) of 50% for the purchase of a treatment system to improve the quality of drinking water. However, the maximum amount of expenses, for which the 50% bonus is calculated, differs. It is equal to:
– 1000 euros for one residential property for individuals.
– 5000 euros for one object of commercial real estate, for those who are engaged in commercial activities.
For individuals, a tax credit is provided for both real estate units used as the primary residence and for other property (second home, “seconda casa”).

These are quite acceptable limits, given the current cost of such systems.
The highest quality filtration is provided by systems based on reverse osmosis. For example, the modern compact reverse osmosis system Morion DWM-101s is capable of producing more than 150 liters of pure water per day. It costs about 300 euros and is quite suitable for an average family.
DWM-101 Morion reverse osmosis system
Compact reverse osmosis system Morion DWM-101s with easy filter replacement Click-and-Turn. The price is about 295 euros

For an office, small bar, or restaurant may be suitable a more efficient reverse osmosis system, such as RO C500. It will provide 65 liters of pure water per hour (more than one and a half tons per day) and is not as expensive as you may expect – the retail price is about 490 euros.

RO-C500 direct flow reverse osmosis system
The RO C500 reverse osmosis system filters up to 1.5 tons of water per day. Price – about 490 euro

Even a complex system, consisting of a flow-through pre-filter, a water softening / mineralization system (in case the water is too hard), and an advanced reverse osmosis system, can fit into the specified framework.

Why is buying a drinking water filter a good idea, especially now?

No one can guarantee the absolute purity of tap water as well as the purity of any other water source. In addition to ordinary dirt, soil water and water pipes contain many chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. Severe industrial pollution of a local or regional nature can be widely known (such as the release of dioxin in Seveso or the radioactive disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant). But smaller accidents, emissions from transport and industrial plants, and fertilizers used in agriculture are not so noticeable. However, to date, they have practically not left an absolutely clean place on Earth.

Typical violations of domestic water quality

A water purifier is a device that, using a filtration system, not only improves the consumer properties of water but also removes harmful and dangerous substances. Thus, buying a filtration system is, first of all, an investment in the health of your family.

In addition, many Italians purchase filtration systems simply to improve the taste and smell of the water used for drinking and cooking. Clean water without impurities allows you to discover the true taste of tea, coffee, and other drinks.
It’s nice that it is also beneficial, as it allows you to save on bottles with drinking water and to forget forever about the difficulties of their transportation and disposal. You get an almost inexhaustible source of crystal clear and fresh water right at home.

It also benefits the environment as it reduces plastic consumption and prevents microplastic pollution of the soil and oceans.
Now, when the state compensates part of the cost of purchasing a water filtration system, such a purchase becomes especially relevant.

Is it difficult to install a drinking water filtration system?

The short answer is no. There are various filtration systems available, but most modern water purifiers already include everything needed for quick installation.
The most complex is the reverse osmosis system, which is usually installed under the kitchen sink. When installing such a system, it is usually required to make a hole in the sink to install a separate tap for drinking water, connect the inlet of the purifier to the cold water system using a tee fitting, and drill a thin hole in the drain hose from the sink to drain the drainage water. As a rule, the entire installation takes about an hour.

Morion under the sync
Morion DWM-101s reverse osmosis system installed under the kitchen sink

A direct-flow microfiltration system is also commonly installed under the kitchen sink. As you can see in the figure, to install it, you only need to connect the input of the system to the water supply and mount a tap for clean water.

Crystal filter in the kitchen environment
Aquaphor Crystal three-stage microfiltration system in the kitchen interior. The system supports quick, tool-free Click-and-Turn cartridge replacement. Cost about 110 euros.

The simplest are filters that plug directly into an existing tap. They provide basic water purification from mechanical impurities and foreign odors. As a rule, they do not require special skills or any tools to install them.

Aquaphor Topaz faucet filter Water purifier Aquaphor Modern (ver. 2 white)
The popular Aquaphor Topaz and Modern filters plug directly into the kitchen faucet. Ease of installation and low price allow them to be used in temporary housing and even during business and leisure trips.

Interestingly, the new eco-bonus also applies to carbonators (soda makers). With their help, you can prepare your favorite sodas (such as lemonade and aranchata) right at home from secured natural ingredients, without bothering to study the long chemical composition of soda bottle bought in the store. Such devices do not require special installation.

Soda Breezy 2 soda maker complete starter kit – white
The Soda Breezy carbonator allows you to prepare soft drinks in the comfort of your home. Includes a reusable beverage bottle. The price is less than 100 euro.

In many cases, buyers install water depurators on their own. However, even if a professional plumber is involved, his services should be inexpensive – about 100 euros, since such an installation will not take much time for a professional. The installation of more complex systems, including, for example, a flow pre-filter, which is installed at the entrance to the house pipeline, will cost a little more.

Prefilter Aquaphor Gross Midi 10
The Aquaphor Gross pre-filter will purify all the water in the house using a long-life filtering cartridge. The resource of cartridge is up to 30,000 liters.

Fortunately, Bonus acqua potabile covers not only the purchase costs but also the installation of water quality improvement systems. Thus, in the next 2 years, increased demand for such services should be expected. We invite professional plumbers for cooperation, for whom wholesale discounts and special conditions for the purchase of high-quality filters and components are provided. To get a professional discount, you just need to register on our website online. Goods are sent by courier services anywhere in the EU.

What is the procedure for taking advantage of a bonus for purchasing a drinking water filter?

The amount of expenses incurred must be confirmed by an electronic invoice or commercial document indicating the tax code of the person requesting the deduction. For individuals other than those who carry out commercial activities in accordance with ordinary accounting, payment must be made by bank or postal payment or other payment systems other than cash.
Thus, water treatment equipment can be purchased online from an online store. Upon purchase, however, you have to inform the seller of the need to issue an invoice and provide your details (including Codice Fiscale and address). Of course, ProMarket online store ensures that the necessary documents are sent to confirm expenses.
The amount of eligible expenses must be reported to the Revenue Agency between February 1 and February 28 of the year following the year in which the expenses were incurred by submitting the simple form via the web service available on the Revenue Agency website or via telematic channels of the accountant. Thereafter, the bonus can be used as compensation through F24 or, for individuals not engaged in business or self-employment, also in the tax return of the physical person related to the year of expenditure, as well as in tax returns for subsequent years until the bonus is fully utilized.
Details, model to fill out, and instructions can be found on the Revenue Agency website:

Where to buy a quality drinking water filter?

You can buy water purification systems, filter cartridges (replaceable elements) and related products in the ProMarket-EU online store. We provide delivery of goods to any country in the European Union.

Why do we prefer Aquaphor products?

Aquaphor, unlike some other manufacturers, does not transfer its production to third-world countries. The main factories of Aquaphor are located in Europe and the USA. The European market is mainly supplied with products from a new production facility in Estonia. These products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with all EU regulations. 

Why is it not recommended to buy drinking water purification systems from Amazon if you intend to use Bonus Acqua Potabile?

Most of our products are listed on Amazon, and for those who have an Amazon account, it might be convenient to order the product on this Internet marketplace. However, in this particular case, it is better to order the goods directly from the ProMarket-EU online store, for the following reason: buying on Amazon you pay money online to the middleman (Amazon payment system), but Amazon doesn’t issue invoices. On the other hand, the real seller, which sends you the product, does not have the necessary buyer’s data to issue the correct invoice. In addition, it is hard to be sure whether the tax office will accept the documents, given that the payee and the supplier are different subjects.
Therefore, if you need documents to request the bonus for the purchase of a drinking water purification system, it is better to buy such a system directly from the manufacturer’s representative. In addition, it will be cheaper, because the price of goods does not include additional commissions of the middleman, in this case.

The ProMarket online store is open for clarifications and additional information. Requests can be sent by email and through a special form.
If you have a related business (for example, a home goods and household appliances store, a pharmacy, or a plumbers business), you can offer your customers a new useful, high-quality and profitable product. For wholesale discounts and special offers, please email ProMarket.

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