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The article discusses the characteristics and selection criteria of a filtering jug (pitcher) for the home, the similarities, and differences of different pitchers.

Aquaphor Provence pitcher

In a previous article, we examined various devices and systems for treating drinking water. The question that was also considered there – why is it necessary to purify “drinking” water from the tap. We made sure that such water, without additional filtration, may be quite safe, but rarely has characteristics suitable for direct consumption, as well as for the preparation of culinary dishes and drinks.

Now we will dwell on the review of the most simple and popular device for purifying drinking water – a filtering jug. As a rule, a filtering jug has a low price (from 17 to 25 euros for a product of good quality, without unnecessary “bells and whistles”). At the same time, it does not need to be connected and installed, you can quickly start using it, it is easy to find replaceable modules, and it is easy to take with you on a trip.

Despite the simplicity and low price, the filtering jug is an excellent and quite effective device for improving the composition, taste, smell, and type of water for use in cooking food and drinks. There are many varieties of types and brands of filter jugs.

How To Make The Right Choice Of Filter Jug?

To begin with, let’s dwell on the characteristics that can be expressed with specific numbers. The main characteristics of the filtering jugs: the capacity of the jug, the volume of the funnel (filtered water), the material of which the jug is made, the type of filter element (cartridge), the type of counter, the frequency of replacing the cartridge.

Pitcher capacity. Manufacturers usually mean by the capacity of the jug its full capacity, as if it were filled with water to the top. Unlike its full capacity, the volume of filtered water is about half.

The material of manufacture. As a rule, modern jugs of leading manufacturers are made of polymeric materials that are allowed for use with water and food products. Budget models of jugs, as a rule, are made of similar materials – it is quite soft and thin plastic, subject to scratches and chips during operation. More expensive jug options are made from premium materials. For example, Aquaphor Provance and Onyx are made of Tritan, which resembles glass in appearance, but is much lighter and less prone to collapse.

Type of filter. The most popular in Europe are the so-called oval filter cartridges used by many manufacturers. By the name of one of the most popular manufacturers, they are often called “Brita cartridges”. According to the manufacturer’s classification of Aquaphor, it is a B-25 Maxfor (previously B100-25) cartridge. Cartridges of this type are very popular, have been available for a long time, and can be found everywhere, but their durability is quite limited. As a rule, this is one month of operation or 150 liters of water. New-type round cartridges used in Aquaphor jugs have resources of 200-350 l of water and a duration of use of 2-3 months. A review of cartridges, in all their diversity, will be devoted to a separate article.

In order for the purified water to be truly high-quality, it is necessary to replace the filter cartridge in time. In order not to forget about it and not make a mistake, most jugs are equipped with a filling counter or a cartridge replacement calendar. Most often, the counters are mechanical, reacting to the opening of the lid when filling the jug. In addition, on modern round cartridges, there is a kind of calendar that reminds you when to replace a cartridge. Very rarely, electronic meters are found. They look modern, but require batteries for power and are afraid of moisture, like any electronics. Therefore, their use is not too practical.

Slider grill and counter ( Aquaphor Prestige and Aquaphor Amethyst)

In addition to the quantitative characteristics of pitchers, attention should be paid to ergonomics and ease of use. For example, to fill the jug with water, a sliding lid, louvre lid, or opening spout can be used.

A Comparative Review Of Popular Filter Jugs.

Now let’s compare 4 popular jugs from the current Aquaphor product line.

Aquaphor Onyx.

This sleek, classic-design pitcher is made from Eastman’s durable, unbreakable Tritan. This polymer is approved for prolonged contact with drinking water and food. Moreover, it is manufactured without the use of bisphenol (BPA-free). Unlike conventional plastics, Tritan is more transparent and less prone to scratching and clouding. Onyx jugs are made not on a die, but by blowing, just like expensive glass products.

Pitcher Aquaphor Onyx in interior

Due to the wide round bottom, Onyx is very stable – it is difficult to accidentally knock it over. But even if you drop it, the jug is unlikely to break, which makes it more practical and safe for use in a family with small children.

A convenient flip-flop-type lid is opened by pressing the thumb and activates a mechanical counter. The full capacity of the jug is 4.2 l; This is enough for use in a fairly large family.

Aquaphor Onyx (Onice, Оникс) comes with a standard oval cartridge B25 Maxfor (B100-25) or Maxfor Plus. Its resource is 200 liters and approximately one month of operation. This cartridge is very popular in Europe, it can be found everywhere, like its counterparts (for example, Brita Maxtra).

Aquaphor Provance.

The Aquaphor Provance pitcher (Provence, Provenza, Прованс) is also designed in an elegant country style and has all the advantages of the previous model. It is also made of “artificial glass” Tritan and has a large volume. And it copes with the purification of water from most of the pollution. The lid of the jug can be made in stylish white or black.

Pitcher Aquaphor Provence Black in the kitchen

Unlike Onyx, the Provence jug used the new original Aquaphor B5 round cartridge (B100-5) with an antibacterial filter and extended service life (up to two months or 300 liters of water). Other Aquaphor cartridges with a round landing slot can also be used in this jug (for more details see another article).

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Aquaphor Prestige B5.

Aquaphor Prestige on the table

The Aquaphor Prestige pitcher (Prestigio, Престиж) is slightly smaller than the previous ones. It is made of ordinary food-grade plastic. The full capacity of the jug is 2.8 l, and the funnel volume is 1.4 l. This is enough to fill a standard kettle or coffee maker. This jug uses the same B5 round cartridge (or compatible cartridges) as the Aquaphor Provence. Accordingly, it has a similar resource (300 l) and a service life (two months). Water can be drawn into it through the original slider grill, which is conveniently pushed away with the thumb and protects the water from dust during filtration and storage. Due to the more compact size, this jug takes up less space in the refrigerator, which is important in the hot summertime. The filling counter is also mechanical. It is complemented by a calendar on the cartridge itself.


Aquaphor Amethyst.

Aquaphor Amethyst on the table in a garden

Aquaphor Amethyst (Ametista, Аметист) has a similar device and characteristics but is adapted to the B-25 oval cartridge, which is more popular in Europe. Accordingly, it has a slightly lower filtering resource. However, its advantages include a cute and original design. Thanks to a variety of color options (from classic white to juicy cherry color), you can easily pick up this jug to the color scheme of any kitchen. A graceful round handle goes well with an oval funnel and cartridge shapes.

Aquaphor Amethyst in the door of a refrigerator


Despite the differences in design, specifications, and price, all of the above models do an excellent job of purifying water from most contaminants. The degree of purification of jugs is naturally lower than that of multi-stage household purification systems or reverse osmosis systems. However, filtering the water in a pitcher completely eliminates or significantly reduces the content of many harmful substances: mechanical impurities, active chlorine, petroleum products, phenol, heavy metals, and pesticides. At the same time, the cost of one liter of purified water is much less than when using bottled water. You should also take into account that the bottles still need to be brought, and then disposed of.

Therefore, filter jugs can be recommended as a simple, environmentally friendly and quite effective means of improving the quality of drinking water.

Pitcher As A Great Gift Idea.

The filtering jug is a great gift idea for your family, friends, and relatives. Such a gift is a manifestation of your concern for the health and well-being of the person to whom you give it. This is an appropriate gift for Christmas and New Year, for a birthday, housewarming or wedding. Such a gift will also be pleasant to receive for a person who is fond of cooking and preparing drinks. Aquaphor filter jugs are delivered in high-quality and colorful packaging and come with everything you need for using it.

Aquaphor Onyx White filtering pitcher
Aquaphor Onyx White filtering pitcher

Where To Buy Quality Filter Jugs?

Aquaphor, unlike some other manufacturers, does not transfer its production to the “third world” countries. The main factories Aquaphor are in Europe and the USA. The European market mainly receives products from the new production plant in Estonia.

These products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with all EU regulations.

You can purchase jugs, filter cartridges, and related products in the online store Promarket-EU.

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Photos and technical details courtesy of Aquaphor, ProMarket.

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