Tips and Tricks: CB Radio 27 MHz – issue 1 – Installation on the Car.

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If we are talking about CB radio communication in the range of 27 MHz (Citizen Band), you can buy the most expensive radio and the most efficient antenna, but the practical work of this kit will depend on the correct and optimal installation on the car.

The power supply of the radio must be connected respecting mandatory compliance with polarity (usually the red wire – “+”, black – “-“).
If the voltage exceeds 15V, the power supply to the radio should pass through the LINEAR converter. A pulse converter can be a source of interference and interfere with reception even if it is not connected to the radio.
It is recommended to power [+] wire from the battery through a separate fuse and [-] wire – from the ground of the machine near the place of installation of the radio. If the [-] wire run from the battery, it must also be protected by its own fuse.
The nominal value of the fuses must correspond to the design current of the radio.
The radio must be placed in a convenient and accessible place, the speaker must be open.
The radio and antennas require periodic inspections and maintenance, so you need to install them so you can quickly remove them.

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The antenna must match the radio frequency.
If the antenna is installed higher and near the center of the machine, it works better (see diagram). Please note that installing any antenna in a bad place can result in a loss of more than 3 decibels of gain, which is equivalent to losing half the total power radiated by the radio transmitter.
The antenna must be installed vertically. There should be no metal parts near the pin (whip).
Mortise antenna designed for installation on a metal surface. If it is mounted on a bracket, it is necessary to ensure the contact of the antenna base with the ground of the machine: clean the paint on the antenna joints with the bracket and the bracket with the bodywork, tighten the screws. Otherwise the antenna will malfunction.
If the antenna is good, properly installed, but does not work well for transmission, it may not be tuned by SWR on a specific channel. Verify, configure.
If the metal surface of the installation has insufficient area for the antenna or an irregular shape, tuning and proper functioning of the antenna may be impossible.
Any damage, even minimal, to the antenna cable can break the connection and cause the radio to fail.
The antenna’s threaded connections require periodic cleaning and the hidden cavities require drying.

It is normal to face the spots with abnormal noise level (for example, near the electric wires, office buildings (which have a lot of computers) etc. But if the noise level during the reception is too high everywhere, you should find and eliminate the source of interference within the car (it can be a pulse DC/DC or DC/AC converter, a led lamp, an abnormal xenon, etc.)

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This post is also available in: English

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